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Video Overview of Empty Seats Webinars:

                         "Preaching to Empty Seats:                              More than 101 Steps to Fill

                          God's House with People,

                          Power and Praise" 

November 19, 2016 @ 8 AM (EST)

"Empty Praise"

In my next live workshop, I will be focusing on how the praise which goes forth in and from your church can effect the number of your empty seats.

Neither people nor God want to

worship in a dead church! 

During this webinar, I'll show you why praise is so important and how to pump up the praise in order to help fill the sanctuary with the presence of the Lord and those empty seats with people on fire.

To reserve your space in the workshop for $10, click the buy now button below:

Whether you are a preacher, pastor or member, you'll will want to be a part of these online workshops. 

When you sign in you will see and hear me live and I will be able to see and hear you live from anywhere in the world with high speed internet.

It is $10 per person to get in on the workshop. Space is limited, so click the button below to secure your seat and information on how you can fill yourself and your church!

In the meantime,

go to to download the software you will need to join the workshop on the net.

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First, there was E.W.D.W. (Every day With Dr. Wise) where Dr. C. Dexter Wise III, sends an awesome and insightful devotion around the world every day. These daily doses of the word inspire, encourage and empower hundreds of people from Columbus to Kenya, from Philadelphia to the Philippines, from Indiana to India and more.

Now, Dr. Wise is introducing another creative and unique vehicle to share the word, develop leaders, grow the church and expand the kingdom of God. It is called W.W.W. or Wise Workshops on the Web. W.W.W. will be a series of live webinars conducted by Dr. Wise on the Internet touching on hot topics which are sure to enhance the personal and organizational growth of those blessed to participate.

For a small fee per session, while they see and hear each other on the Web, participants will be able to:

+ Access the mind and ministry of Dr. Wise live and in real time
+ Glean from the depth and breadth of his many decades of leadership and

+ Get added benefit of nationally and international known guest speakers
+ Interact directly with others on the webinar
+ Ask questions and receive direct answers to the burning issues in their

   respective ministries
+ Request and receive prayer
+ And much more…

This is a rare opportunity for you to learn directly from a master pastor and teacher preparing you for your next leap in ministry.

These sessions are by invitation only. To get more information about how to get started, the subject of the next session and your personal invitation, check this page.

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"How to Grow Your Ministry Like

Jesus Grew His!"

This exclusive, invitation only, FREE introductory workshop held on May 21, 2016 identified 17 tips found in the text of Matthew chapter 9 which reveal the Lord's strategy for growing His ministry. These principles will help grow any ministry or (even business) anywhere.

If you missed this webinar, here is a clip.

Scheduled Webinars: