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the rappin' reverend

As an internationally known and noted speaker, workshop leader, trainer and life coach, The Rappin’ Reverend, Dr. C. Dexter Wise III will bring creative solutions for success to your church, your home, your school and your community.

Having gone from the “hood” in Baltimore, MD to the top of his class at Harvard in Cambridge, MA, Dr. Wise is prepared to speak effectively and authentically to virtually any occasion.

He has been a minister for more than forty years. However, without preaching or proselytizing, Dr. Wise is able to deliver an appropriate, positive and practical message which will lead your young people to success beginning at any level.

Whether they are in elementary school, middle school, high school, college or technical school, Dr. Wise has a proven ability to cross generational lines, racial lines, class lines and cultural lines to connect with even hard to reach young people of all ages and stages. 

He demonstrated this unique ability on a ninety-day speaking tour of 50 Columbus Public Schools. As The Rappin’ Reverend, Dr. Wise took his world famous rap song, “I Ain’t Into That!” directly to 20,000 young people and got more than 18,000 of them to publicly commit to live drug-free, crime-free and alcohol-free lives.

The Rappin' Reverend will be a great speaker for:

·        Assemblies

·        Athletic Events

·        Awards Ceremonies

·        Banquets

·        Bridge Building Events

·        Commencements

·        Diversity Training

·        Greek Organization Events

·        Male Leadership Development

·        PTA Programs

·        Scholarship Fund Raisers

·        Sports Teams’ Motivation

·        Staff Development

·        Student Government Programs

·        Student Leadership Development

·        Teacher Retreats


Teachers, Administrators and Other Staff Too!

Dr. Wise is also an able and effective educator, trainer and motivator of teachers and administrators. By bringing creative solutions to your youth group or school, Dr. Wise is the one stop solution to all your professional speaker needs.

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The Rappin' Reverend, Dr. C. Dexter Wise III 

Your Youth and Young Adults will: 

·        Understand him because he speaks their language.

·        Relate to him because he has been where they are.

·        Be challenged by him because he speaks the truth in love.

·        Enjoy him because his comical expressions and funny stories will make them laugh.

·        Benefit from him because he offers proven practical steps to success in leadership and life.

·        Be inspired by him because he is a perfect example of how tremendous odds against them   

         can be overcome.

·        Be motivated by him because his power packed and dynamic message will compel them to


Some of the Special Seminar and Workshop Topics offered by The Rappin’ Reverend:

·        Leadership Principles that will Take You Through Life

·        How to Get Ready for the Real World before You get Thrown into It

·        Now is the Time: How to Take Advantage of Your Youth while You still Have it

·        I Ain’t Into That: Tips on How to Live Drug-Free, Crime-Free, Alcohol-Free and Still be Cool

·        Show me The Money: What Employers are Looking for and How to Give it to Them

·        Ain’t No Shame in My Game: How to be Positive, Powerful and Prosperous with Pride

·        Too Much Drama: What to Do When Your Life Goes Over the Top

·        How to Discover Your Gift and Get Paid for It

·        How to Get Ahead Even If You Started off Behind