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if you are not successful at home, then you are not a success, period!

Just like charity, success begins at home. That is why Wise Works, Inc. makes it a priority to offer creative solutions to make you successful at home as an individual, a spouse, a parent or a youth.

Dr. C. Dexter Wise III and Rev. Shirley D. Wise have been married since 1973, raised four grown children (all of whom have graduated from college), welcomed into the world six grandchildren and counseled hundreds of singles and couples across forty years. They know the challenges. They have the solutions! 

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Here are some of the creative solutions offered by Wise Works, Inc. for the home:

Solutions for Singles, Spouses and Parents

How do I find satisfaction as a single person? 

Being single is not unique. In fact, we are all born single. The key for many Christians is how to be single, saved and satisfied at the same time. In this DVD, Single, Saved and Satisfied, Dr. Wise will deal with the pros and cons of being single and how to live a single, saved and satisfied life. This is for both men and women, young and mature! - $49.97

How do I know when I am ready to get married and then how do I prepare for marriage?

No couple should ever get married without some form of pre-marital counseling. While most ministers know this, they do not have the time or program to offer those who want to be married by them. Dr. Wise has solved this problemn with his 10 session video series: How to Get Married and Stay that Way. In it, he covers everything from: how to know you are ready, to unpacking your baggage, to fighting fair, to sanctified sex and so much more. He does not marry anyone unless they go through this series. Neither should you! - $49.97


What should I know before I have my baby dedicated in church?

Many couples cherish the opportunity to bring their baby to church to have them dedicated at the altar. However, most churches miss the opportunity to mentor and minister to these couples when they come. This is an excellent time to share the gospel and make sure basic parent's principles have been communicated before the parents even get to the altar with the baby. Dr. Wise has developed a video called: Bringing Your Baby and Yourself to the Lord. It solves this problem and can even save a family. - $19.97


What are some of the basics I should know as a parent?


Dr. Wise, the parent, speaks in this book, The ABC's of Effective Parenting. In it, he gives 26 principles on effective parenting with each principle beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. This book has helpful hints for parents to be as well as veteran parents. - $10.00


How do I actually blend my blended family?


When two people get married who have been married before, their families are supposed to blend. However, we all know that many blended families are more mixed up than anything else. This 3 CD series, How to Blend Blended Families, covers the beginnings and basics of how to blend blended families. It will make you think, laugh and prepare for a more peaceful and blessed life together as a new family. - $49.97


What do I do when I have too much drama going on in my life?


In Dr. Wise's latest book, Too Much Drama: What to Do When Your Life Goes Over the Top, this gifted and anointed preacher, pastor and teacher analyzes the signs, side-effects, sources and solutions to the problem of too much drama. He talks about the drama magnets who draw it, the drama mediums who spread it, the drama emitters who radiate it, the drama addicts who chase it, the drama makers who produce it and the drama managers who control it. 


His most insightful and creative contribution to the discussion of too much drama is to identify what he calls drama points. These drama points are the likely places to check as major culprits of the drama in your life. They include: your script, your part, your cast, your stage and much more. - $15.00

How can I counsel my family members in a time of need?

The pastor’s counseling load can be greatly reduced if lay leaders in the church are trained to do some of the counseling for him or her. Counseling with the Word of God is a video training series in which Dr. Wise teaches everyday people basic counseling principles and how to apply them using the word of God. Every leader in the church should be trained with this, since they will invariably be called upon to counsel others at some point. - $49.97

How do I give birth to the gifts, dreams and visions God has placed within me?


A divine baby is any idea, any vision, any dream, any gift, any talent or any ministry that is conceived by God, carried by you and blesses other people. If you are carrying a divine baby, this book: Divine Babies: How to Give birth to the Blessing God has Conceived Inside of You has been written especially for you. Here, Dr. Wise creatively insightfully and simply describes the seven stages in the life of your divine baby. He also explains God’s role and your role in each stage. If you desire to bring to life and maturity the great gift or dream God has placed inside of you, read this book and learn how. - $15.00


How do I become a godly man and fulfill my responsibilities as a man at home?

Dr. Wise is a master with men! G-Men: Guidelines for the Development of Godly Men is an 8 week video discipleship and leadership program designed to develop godly men. It includes a guide book and the DVD's. It can be used by an individual or a group of men. Kit of guide book and the DVD"s - $35.97


Dr. Wise's G-Men: Guidelines for the Development of Godly Men is an 8 week video discipleship and leadership program for men. It has been used by men from Alaska to Africa to create a solid base of godly men in the local church. 
Group Kit of 10 Manuals and Complete set of DVD's - $129.97


How can I teach manhood and responsibilty to the young men in my life?    

Here is an eight week video series: Young G-Men: The Next Generation, where Dr. Wise takes them through their roots, religion, relationship and responsibility. Individual kit with 1 manual and DVD - $29.95


Be A Man is a book of ten lessons. It discusses what it means to be a Human, a Male Man, a Gentle Man, a Rich Man, a Ladies Man, a Super Man, a Family Man and more. This too is great for individuals or a group. - $10.00  


What resources do you have for middle and high school aged children?


This powerful little book, I Ain't Into That!,  consists of nine lessons that enable youth to acknowledge and affirm a positive life style in today's world of negative peer pressure. This book, which compliments the Rappin’ Reverend’s rap song with the same title, is great for individual or group study. - $10.00

This is the Rappin’ Reverend’s (Dr. C. Dexter Wise III) latest rap now available on CD. It includes eight rap songs such as I Ain’t Into That! ; Be Man; Little Momma; Take that Bag Off Your Head; and Go Ahead! Both youth and adults will enjoy this.


Success Seminars for Youth and Young Adults:

Dr. Wise and Rev. Wise are prepared to present live seminars to youth and young adult groups on the following topics:

·        Leadership Principles that Will Take You Through Life
·        How to Get Ready for the Real World before You Get Thrown into It
·        How to Take Advantage of Your Youth while You still Have it
·        Tips on How to Live Drug-Free, Crime-Free, Alcohol-Free and Still be Cool
·        Show me The Money: What Employers are Looking for and How to Give it to

·        Ain’t No Shame in My Game: How to be Positive, Powerful and Prosperous

         with Pride
·        Too Much Drama: What to Do When Your Life Goes Over the Top
·        How to Discover Your Gift and Get Paid for It
·        How to Get Ahead Even If You Started off Behind

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