global solution

global possibilities


If you would like to preach, teach and/or provide health around the world, Wise Works, Inc. has a solution. As the founder and International President of The International Fellowship of Faith Ministries (IFFM), Dr. Wise is able to offer you opportunities to do so in twenty different nations around the world. Just think of some of the possibilities.

You could...

     *Preach in a foreign country.

     *Teach in a foreign country.

     *Build a school.

     *Support a school.

     *Build a church and name it after your church or someone whose life you

       would like to honor.

     *Build a house.

     *Build a hospital.

     *Dig a well.

     *Provide water filters.

     *Support a missionary.

     *Support a child.

     *Adopt a church.

     *Supply mosquito nets.

     *Provide computers, DVD players and/or video projectors.

     *Bring medical relief to a community.

     *YOU NAME IT!!!

     The list goes on and on!

If you would like to have Wise Works, Inc. create a global solution for you, call (614) 898-1997. Edit Text

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