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In forty years of ministry, Dr. Wise has seen it all and done it all. He has pastored three large churches, started a church, built a church, led capital stewardship drives, survived church battles, started a school of ministry, sponsored housing developments, led civil rights protests, baptized hundreds of new converts, preached at home and abroad, written dozens of books, broadcasted on radio and television and on and on.

Whether it is for a week, a day, or just one hour, when you invite Dr. Wise to your ministry, he will bring this wealth of experience with him. You will be amazed at just how quickly (with the aid of the Holy Spirit) he can size up a situation and provide the exact preaching, teaching, training or resource to address your issues and help solve your ministry related challenges.  

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If this is YOUR Challenge...Here is YOUR Solution...


The best way to have Dr. Wise bring solutions to your church is to invite him personally. He will be more than happy to come as his time and availability allows.

So, if you would like for him to speak for a special occasion, special day, revival, conference, retreat, banquet, convention, city-wide celebration, etc., please call as soon as possile to get on his calendar. (614) 898-1997

However, in addition to coming in person, Wise Works, Inc. offers a variety of tried and true products that deal directly with some of the most common issues and questions that pastors raise in churches today.

Here is a list of 30 such challenges for which Wise Works has great solutions:

What can I do to get and keep our church growing even in tough times?


Actually, the best time to grow a church is during tough times! It is then that people are most receptive to gospel and how it can change their lives. In this video seminar called: Church Growth Prinicples that Will Work Anywhere, Dr. Wise teaches that YOUR church can grow. Then, he proceeds to give proven principles which will help your church grow, regardless of its surrounding circumstances. $49.97


How do I get the best out of a traditional church before it gets the best of me?


Dr. Wise pastored two large churches which were nearly 100 years old or more. He knows first hand both the treasures and traps of serving in a traditional church. In his landmark book, No Place for Prophet: An Unconventional Preacher Trapped in a Traditonal Church, he describes the problems, the pain and your possibilities in such a church. He not only tells you what happens and why it happens, he tells you what to do about it. $15.00

How do I increase tithing and teach total stewardship in my church?


In order to increase the number and level of tithers in your church, tithing must be taught biblically, consistently, creatively and widely. Furthermore, it must be presented in the context of total stewarship which goes beyond the tithe to include: time, talent, tongue, testimony and more. This book, It All Belongs to the Lord!, contains 39 biblically based teachings on total stewardship. It is an excellent resource for sermons and/or as a manual for stewardship classes in your church. $15.00  

How do I raise the level of commitment among the members of my church?


We live in a culture where "commitment" is a bad word. We should not be surprised to find, therefore, that even in the church, there is a marked lack of commitment to be found among both the leaders and members of the typical church. This four part video teaching series entitled: "COMMITTED" explores and explains what it means to be committed to: God, evangelism, church attendance, tithing, worship, Bible study and more. It will lift your church to a higher understanding of the need for committment while at the same time deepen its level of committment. Parts I, II, III and IV - $99.97

How do I jump start my Men’s Ministry and increase the men’s participation in our total church life?


Dr. Wise is a master with men! Over the years, he has developed many resources and materials which will bring your Men's Ministry alive. These include his book How to Build the World's Greatest Men' s Ministry - Jesus Style, which shows you the techniques Jesus used to build the world's first and greatest Men's Ministry. $10.00

In addition to the book: How to Build the World's Greatest Men's Ministry Jesus Style, Dr. Wise also has a DVD series by the same name which will walk your men's ministry leaders and your men through the process step by step. They are guaranteed to listen, laugh and learn. $49.97

Dr. Wise's G-Men: Guidelines for the Development of Godly Men is an 8 week video discipleship and leadership program for men. It has been used by men from Alaska to Africa to create a solid base of godly men in the local church.

Individual Kit of 1 Manual and Complete set of DVD's - $35.97

Dr. Wise's G-Men: Guidelines for the Development of Godly Men is an 8 week video discipleship and leadership program for men. It has been used by men from Alaska to Africa to create a solid base of godly men in the local church. 
Group Kit of 10 Manuals and Complete set of DVD's - $129.97

Tips on How to Build a Men's Ministry is a single DVD where Dr. Wise introduces the need and promise of an effective Men's Ministry. Then, he gives 12 steps on how to make it happen in your church. $20.00

What can we do to reach our young men?


Here are two great resources for your teens and young men. First, is an eight week video series: Young G-Men: The Next Generation, where Dr. Wise takes them through their roots, religion, relationship and responsibility. Individual kit with 1 manual and DVD - $29.97

The eight week video series: Young G-Men: The Next Generation, where Dr. Wise takes them through their roots, religion, relationship and responsibility. Group kit with 10 manuals and DVD - $79.97


Next is a book called: Be A Man. There are ten lessons in it about what it means to be a Human, a Male Man, a Gentle Man, a Rich Man, a Ladies Man, a Super Man, a Family Man and more. - $10.00 

How can we bring greater unity and life and to our women’s ministry?


Every church has women. However, not every church has a Women’s Ministry. That is to say, not every church has an organized and effective set of services and ministry opportunities which recognize and utilize the unique gifts women bring to the body of Christ. Rev. Shirley D. Wise is an excellent end experienced speaker and facilitator who can inspire and motivate your women to greater works together. Call (614) 898-1997 for more.

How do I begin a church training center in my church?


You can have a training center for members, church school teachers and other leaders with Basics in a Box: A Church Training Center Kit. This kit includes videos and notes for courses which will give those who take them a firm foundation in the faith and the practice of ministry. It is more than a year’s worth of courses which could be repeated with a different group each year. - $299.97

How to I improve the level, effectiveness and intensity of my preaching? 


After more than 30 years of preaching, Dr. Wise wrote this book to impart to his son, Everything You Need to Know to Preach Like a Pro! The book truly lives up to its title as it divulges countless simple and insightful secrets of great preaching. Whether you are thinking about becoming a preacher, a beginning preacher or one who has been preaching for a lifetime, you will be blessed by the gold mine of nuggets to be found here. And, so will those who hear you afterwards! - $15.00


How do I help to people who believe they have been called into the ministry?


Many people who have been called into the ministry are like young Samuel. They know something is going on, but are not quite sure what it is. An excellent resource for those who hear the call, but don’t quite know how to answer it is, Answering the Call to Ministry. This workbook will give you several lessons to work through as you say: “Yes" to the Lord. $10.00

How do I prepare persons to preach their initial sermon?


In addition to the above book, Everything You Need to Know to Preach Like a Pro!, those preparing to preach their first public sermon will be helped by: “Guidelines for Preaching Your initial Sermon.” On this CD, Dr. Wise gives directions and instructions on how to make that first sermon a memorable and Holy Ghost filled experience for all. - $10.00 


How do I prepare licensed preachers for ordination?


Preparing for the Pastoral Ministry is a video teaching series created by Dr. Wise to equip preachers for the tasks they may be called upon to perform as ordained ministers. This includes: how to perform a wedding, how to baptize, how to preach a funeral, how to counsel, how to lead Praise and Worship and more. This is everything you should learn in seminary, but no one ever bothered to teach you. - $149.97


How do I teach my lay leaders to counsel others using the word of God?


The pastor’s counseling load can be greatly reduced if lay leaders in the church are trained to do some of the counseling for him or her. Counseling with the Word of God is a video training series in which Dr. Wise teaches everyday people basic counseling principles and how to apply them using the word of God. Every leader in the church should be trained with this, since they will invariably be called upon to counsel others at some point. - $49.97

How do I give birth to the gifts, dreams and visions God has placed within me?


A divine baby is any idea, any vision, any dream, any gift, any talent or any ministry that is conceived by God, carried by you and blesses other people. If you are carrying a divine baby, this book: Divine Babies: How to Give birth to the Blessing God has Conceived Inside of You,  has been written especially for you. Here, Dr. Wise creatively insightfully and simply describes the seven stages in the life of your divine baby. He also explains God’s role and your role in each stage. If you desire to bring to life and maturity the great gift or dream God has placed inside of you, read this book and learn how. - $15.00

How do I take advantage of Sunday morning worship time to teach my congregation?


The average pastor has access to his members for just about two hours per week. No matter how many other meetings or services are planned throughout the week, the bulk of the members only attend the Sunday morning worship. This book: Sixty-Second Seminars: How to Have a Workshop During Worship in 60 Seconds or Less,  provides more than 100 ways a pastor, worship leader or praise team leader can teach everything including stewardship, praise and worship, evangelism, children’s messages and much more in 60 seconds or less. This book should be within arms reach of every pulpit in America and beyond! - $10.00

What do I do when I have too much drama going on in my life?


In Dr. Wise's latest book, Too Much Drama: What to do When Your Life Goes Over the Top, this gifted and anointed preacher, pastor and teacher analyzes the signs, side-effects, sources and solutions to the problem of too much drama. He talks about the drama magnets who draw it, the drama mediums who spread it, the drama emitters who radiate it, the drama addicts who chase it, the drama makers who produce it and the drama managers who control it.


His most insightful and creative contribution to the discussion of too much drama is to identify what he calls drama points. These drama points are the likely places to check as major culprits of the drama in your life. They include: your script, your part, your cast, your stage and much more. - $15.00


In conjuction with his latest book, Too Much Drama: What to do When Your Life Goes Over the Top, Dr. Wise also wrote a book called: Too Much Drama: A Biblical Perspective. Here, he identifies seventeen Bible characters who are full of drama. There are Bible study lessons for each one which parallel the seventeen drama points in the first book. This is a great book for individual study and as the guide for his video series of the same name. - $10.00

This is the Video Bible Study Series, Too Much Drama: A Biblical Perspective. It includes the book: Too Much Drama: A Biblical Perspective as well as seventeen video lessons taught by Dr. Wise. This, too, is great for individual or small group study. For one book and the seventeen video lessons - $99.97.

What do I do to encourage our singles and build our singles ministry?


Being single is not unique. In fact, we are all born single. The key for many Christians is how to be single, saved and satisfied at the same time. In this DVD, Single, Saved and Satisfied, Dr. Wise will deal with the pros and cons of being single and how to live a single, saved and satisfied life. This is for both men and women, young and mature!


What do I use to prepare couples for marriage?


No couple should ever get married without some form of pre-marital counseling. While most ministers know this, they do not have the time or program to offer those who want to be married by them. Dr. Wise has solved this problemn with his 10 session video series: How to Get Married and Stay that Way. In it, he covers everything from: how to know you are ready, to unpacking your baggage, to fighting fair, to sanctified sex and so much more. He does not marry anyone unless they go through this series. Neither should you! - $49.97


What can I do to prepare families for baby dedications?


Many couples cherish the opportunity to bring their baby to church to have them dedicated at the altar. However, most churches miss the opportunity to mentor and minister to these couples when they come. This is an excellent time to share the gospel and make sure basic parent's principles have been communicated before the parents even get to the altar with the baby. Dr. Wise has developed a video called: Bringing Your Baby and Yourself to the Lord. It solves this problem and can even save a family. - $19.97

What can I do to help blended families actually blend?


When two people get married who have been married before, their families are supposed to blend. However, we all know that many blended families are more mixed up than anything else. This 3 CD series, How to Blend Blended Families, covers the beginnings and basics of how to blend blended families. It will make you think, laugh and prepare for a more peaceful and blessed life together as a new family. - $49.97

How do I encourage and support the pastor’s wife?  


Don't let the title fool you! Sick and Tired of Being a Minister's Wife, by Rev. Shirley D. Wise is for ministers' wives, ministers and every church member who wants to know the truth about the world and woes of the minister's wife. It does not just talk about the problem and pain, it also offers constructive solutions. - $10.00

How can I help my leaders become more effective leaders?


The number one trait of a leader is vision. In his video: Vision: What it Takes to Lead, Dr. Wise explains what vision is, how to get it, how to promote it and how to realize it. These lessons have been taught here in the US and abroad with great success. If you want to clarify, enhance and implement your vision or that of your leaders, this series is a must. - $49.97

What do I do when I want to completely quit the ministry?

The Bible is full of preachers and prophets who wanted to quit. Elijah and Jeremiah are just two examples. You should not be surprised, therefore, if in the midst of your ministry, there are times when you too want to completely leave the ministry. Both of these books, No Place fora Prophet: An Unconventional Preacher Trapped in a Traditonal Church and Everything You Need to Know to Preach Like a Pro, admit and address this feeling. Still, both offer hope and help on how to survive and even thrive in and through such periods.


No Place for a Prophet - $13.00

Everything You Need to Know to Preach Like a Pro - $15.00


How can I take my ministry to a global level?

A global ministry begins with a global mindset. Once you start thinking globally, your ministry can immediately postion itself to minister on a global level. Dr. Wise's seminar, Go Global, will show you how to globalize your thinking and your ministry in several simple and, yet, significant ways. - $49.97