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Preaching to Empty Seats

More than One Hundred Steps to fill God's House with People. Power and Praise

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Preaching Through a Pandemic

Victory Over a Virus with The Word of God


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Preaching Beyond a Pandemic

What the CDC Won't Tell You about How to Reopen Your Church and Keep it Open.

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How to Preach your way through this pandemic

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There are materials by Dr. C. Dexter Wise III and Rev. Shirley D. Wise for:

CHURCH: Pastors, associate ministers, lay leaders, churches.
HOME: Parents, couples, singles, teens, youth, young adults.
SCHOOL: High School and College students, teachers, administrators.
GLOBAL COMMUNITY: Diversity training, international missions and community development

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Enough already with the problems! What you need are solutions! That is exactly what we offer at Wise Works, Inc. 


Dr. C. Dexter Wise III has two Master's Degrees from Harvard and a Doctorate from United Theological Seminary. His wife, Rev. Shirley D. Wise, has a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University. Together, they have more than 75 years of combined experience as preachers, pastors, church leaders, parents, teachers and international community developers. 


Their proven success oriented products and results oriented services will bring creative, practical, simple, fresh and workable techniques to tackle your individual or group challenges at church, home, school or in the global community. 


Bottom line, if you have a problem or challenge in any one of these areas, they have a creative solution.

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